Laideen & Co. Financial Group

Holistic Financial Planning Made Simple.

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ABOUT Laideen & Co.

Laideen & Co. Financial Group is a boutique financial firm that provides holistic financial planning with sincerity, honesty, and compassion.  Here at L&Co. Financial Group there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client win financially.



At Laideen & Co. our process for wealth building is built on four P's:


This phase consists of identifying goals and formulating a plan to achieve them.  We thoroughly assess the financial situation and look for the most appropriate method and timeline to reach the desired result.  This is an integral and necessary phase of wealth Creation.


Discussing and implementing strategies to protect what matters the most is a vital part of the financial planning process.  Non-controllable events such as illness, disability or death occurrence can seriously harm any financial plan.  The protection step is often overlooked during the planning process, however, here at L&Co. we apply careful attention to this phase.


This part of a financial plan can consist of addressing cash flow and budgeting, investing for retirement, or saving for a major purchase.  It differs based on the goal but is customized for an individual, family or business.  At L&Co. we are part of an extensive network of realtors, mortgage brokers, accountants, lawyers and other professionals that are sometime required to ensure financial goals are achieved in the most efficient and successful manner.


The preservation phase addresses the maximization of accumulated wealth, and ensures this wealth is transferred effectively to the next generation.  This phase minimizes unexpected occurrences during probate by ensuring the estate is preserved.